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Packing tips for Storage Containers

Packing & Loading Tips

Properly loading your container is vital to maximizing safety and space when storing. Protect your possessions by familiarizing yourself with the techniques outlined in our downloadable packing tips as well as the loading tips illustration seen here. Follow these tips and see how safe, secure and simple it is to move with us!

Packing tips

Our containers provide a safe environment for your belongings.
To keep your belongings in good shape while being stored, it's especially important that you be familiar with the techniques and boxes that will best protect your possessions.
Our packing tips download will cover the following areas:

  • Ready, Set, Pack! Good Packing Means...
  • Checklist of the Basics
  • How to Pack
  • A Word About Special Household Items
Packing Tips

Loading tips

Good packing is essential to preparing your things for storage.
Loading your things well means giving them even greater protection during storage or throughout a move.
Our loading tips download will cover the following areas:

  • Safety
  • Preloading
  • Loading
  • Unloading
Loading Tips
Loading Illustration

Safety tips

At United Mayflower Container Services (UMCS), we take your safety very seriously.
Please carefully read our guidelines below to ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe when using your container.

  • Keep yourself, children and other adults clear of the delivery unit while the container is being delivered or picked up from your residence. Our professional drivers will always look before backing up, but the vehicle has blind spots.
  • To avoid injury to yourself or your items, watch the head clearance when going in and out of the container.
  • When opening and closing the door or working in your container, keep hands free from the door tracking to avoid injury.
  • Open the door slowly. Items loaded into the container may have shifted and could fall toward you when opening the door, causing injury.
  • Open and close the door slowly by grasping the bottom center of the door with your hand(s).
  • To avoid cut or scrape injuries, watch for any sharp edges on your container.
  • Do not allow children to load items or play in, around or on top of the container.
  • Do not move your container once it has been positioned. Our driver will lock the wheels, and those wheels should remain locked. If unlocked, the container can roll and may cause serious injury. Only authorized representatives are permitted to move your container.
  • If the container is placed on a slope, the door opening should be facing the uphill side.
  • Your container is for the storage of personal effects only and is not intended for any other use, including the storage of hazardous materials or for habitation. Please carefully review the list of non-allowables.
  • Do not load in excess of 7,500 pounds of weight in the container.
  • Distribute the weight of your load evenly throughout the container and do not load items that will interfere with the door track or that will press up against the door when closed.
  • If you are using the container for storing books, magazines or tools, please contact the Customer Care Center, at 877-670-6061, for more information as the weight of these items can create an overload situation.
  • Secure items at the end of your load to prevent items from shifting toward the door. Items shifting toward the door could impede the door from opening or may fall forward, causing injury.

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